History of Australia

(From 1606 to 1876)


A & G Sutherland


The majority of content on the History of Australia Online website was written by Alexander and George Sutherland and taken from their book History of Australia (from 1606 to 1876).  Even though some of the information contained in their writings are no longer considered to be accurate, the content is still valid. The authors incredibly entertaining writing style makes the history of Australia come to life and makes it a truly fascinating read.  This is how the world percieved Australia and its history over a hundred years ago.

About the Authors

Alexander Sutherland, M.A. Melbourne (1852 - 1902)

Alexander was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1852. His father, who was a carver of ship's figure-heads, had serious health issues and as a result the family decided to sail to the warmer climate of Australia in 1864. It soon was clear that Alexander had a talent for teaching and at the tender age of 14 became a pupil/teacher with the education department of Sydney. In 1870, after moving to Melbourne, he taught at the Hawthorn Grammar School before attending University. In 1877 Alexander founded the Carlton College where he taught for 15 years before giving it all up to write books. He funded his ambition by becoming a part time journalist for the Argus and the Australasian. Throughout his career he wrote several books including Thirty Short Poems, Victoria and its Metropolis,The Origin and Growth of the Moral Instinct ,The Development of Australian Literature and of course History of Australia.
After several failed attempts at politics he returned to lecturing at University.

George Sutherland, M.A. Melbourne (1855 – 1905)

George was also born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to Australia with his family in 1864. After graduating from the University of Melbourne George took up teaching before making a career for himself in journalism like his brother. He worked for the Southern Australian Register before taking a job with the Melbourne Age. George's published works include The History of Australia (1877), Tales of the Goldfields (1880), Australia: Or, England in the South (1886), The south Australian Company (1898) and Twentieth Century Inventions (1901)

When the History of Australia was first published in 1877 it sold over 120,000 copies worldwide.


History of Australia