Augustus Charles Gregory

In 1856, Augustus Charles Gregory went in search of Leichardt,and, thinking he might possibly have reached the north-west coast, took a small party to Cambridge Gulf. Travelling along the banks of the Victoria River, he crossed a low range of hills and discovered a stream, to which he gave the name of "Sturt Creek". By following this , he was led into a region covered with long ridges of glaring red sand, resembling those which had baffled Captain Sturt, except that in this desert these grew the scattered blades of th spinifex grass, which cut like daggers into the hoofs of the horses. The creek was lost in marshes and salt lakes and Gregory was forced to retrace his steps till he reached the great bend in the Victoria River; then, striking to the east, he skirted the Gulf of Carpentaria about fifty miles from the shore; and, after a long journey, he arrived at Moreton Bay, but without any news regarding Leichardt and his party. His expedition, however, had explored a great extent of country, and had mapped out the courses of two large rivers, the Victoria and the Roper.


History of Australia