Early Settlement of Adelaide

The first emigrants to South Australia landed on Kangaroo Island, of which Matthew Flinders had given a most attractive account. But though the place was beautiful wooded and picturesque, it was found to be in many respects unsuitable for the foundation of a city, and when Colonel Light arrived shorty afterwards with his staff of surveyors, he at once decided to move the settlement to St Vincent's Gulf. Here, about six miles from the shores of the gulf, he selected a broad plain beneath the steep hills of the Mount Lofty Range and on the banks of a small stream (which he called the Torrens) he marked out the lines for an infant city. Queen Adelaide was the wife of the reigning King of England, and as she was exceedingly popular, the colonists adopted her name for their capital. A harbour was found seven miles from the city and was given the name Port Adeleaide.


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