New South Wales 1851 to 1860

1851 Effects of Gold Discovery in Australia - After 1851 the colony passed through an ordeal, owing to the rush to the gold diggings; but through its natural resources emerged more prosperous times than ever.

1855 Governor Willaim Thomas Denison  - Governor Denison, who was previously the Governor of Tasmania, pays greter attention to fortification of the harbour by building Fort Denison.

1856 Constitutional Changes in Australia  - The Council, which was elected in 1851, appoints a committee and agrees to a Constitution, Two Houses, responsible Government and manhood suffrage introduced in 1858.

Floods and Droughts in Australia - During this time Australia was arise from sudden draining of waters on the mountain slopes. Floods occurred on the Hunter, Hawkebury and Shoalhaven. In 1852 one of the floods on the Murrumbidgee destroyed Gundagai.

1857 - The Fate of the Dunbar was wrecked at the Gap, outside of the Heads and all but one out of 120 perished.


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