Queensland 1823-1876

1823 - Moreton Bay - Formrly visited by Cook and Flinders; here Oxley discovers the Brisbane River and sails up for fifty miles.

1824 - Convict Station formed on the Brisbane River - Furnishes shepherds to squatters of the Darling Downs.

Natives became very dangerous to early settlers who were often killed by squatters and troopers.

1841 - Convicts removed on account of the arrival of free settlers, who were allowed to elect members of Council of New South Wales.

1859 - Separation of Queensland was petitioned for in 1851 and also in 1854 before being allowed in 1859 . The name "Queensland" is adopted and a Constitution framed, with two Houses of Parliament, one nominated the other elective.

1858 - Gold in Queensland discovered - A rush to the goldfields at Conoona caused misery, but leads to the foundation of Rockhampton - Government offers rewards ; gold found at Gympie, 1867; subsequently on the Palmer & Co.

1861 - Cotton begins to be cultivated ; sugar in 1865.

Polynesian labour introduced by the towns - The Kanakas were ill treated, sometimes by planters but more often by the seamen. Polynesian Labourer's Act passed to regulate this labour traffic.

Present state of the Colony - Population, 200,000 and rapidly increasing.


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