Sir Thomas Mitchell

Sir Thomas MitchellWhilst Leichardt was absent on his first journey, Sir Thomas Mitchell - the discoverer of the Glenelg - had prepared an expedition for the exploration of Queensland. Having waited till the return of Leichardt, in order not to go over the same ground, he set out towards the north, and, after discovering the Culgoa and Warego- two important tributaries of the Darling- he turned to the west. He travelled over a great extent of level country and then came upon a river which somewhat puzzled him. He followed the current for 150 miles, and it seemed to flow steadily towards the heart of the continent. He thought that its waters must eventually find their way to the sea, and would, therefore, after a time, flow north to the Indian Ocean. If that were the case, the river- which the natives called the Barcoo- must be the largest stream on the northern coast, and he concluded that it was identical with the Victoria, whose mouth had been discovered about nine years before by Captain Stokes. He, therefore, provisionally gave it the name of the Victoria River.















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