South Australia 1836 to 1841

Edward Gibbon Wakefield (1796 – 1862), In 1829, Wakefield publishes a book in which he proposes to found a colony on the principle of charging a "sufficient" price for the land so to keep it under control of the wealthy.

South Australian Association - A company is formed in 1831 but has its charter rejected under the grounds it was asking for too much - Second company is formed in 1833 - Commissioners are appointed - Preparations for colonization begin.

Early Settlement of Adelaide - In 1836 the first landing by the new settlers is made on Kangaroo Island - The settlement is abandoned shortly after - New site chosen for city to be called Adelaide.

Governor John Hindmarsh  and early failures (1785-1860) - On his arrival to the new colony was displeased with its location - Quarrels with officers already present- In 1838 the Governor was recalled - Settlers were not prepared to encounter the inevitable difficulties - Many chose to live in Adelaide rather than on the land - This was helped along by speculation about the profits expected in town allotments.

Governor George Gawler (1795-1869) - In 1838, costly public works projects commenced, to provide poorer immigrants with employment - Unfortunately there were no means of paying for these projects and buildings - Governor Gawler draws from the Imperial Treasury - The drafts are dishonoured, as the British Government refuses to pay - The Adelaide Colony is declared pretty much bankrupt.

The Collapse of the Adelaide Colony - Adelaide is in a miserable condition - Many people leave the colony, returning home to England - Others, unable to afoord the fare home are driven by necessity to work on the land - This produces a favourable change - Arrival of overlanders from NSW with sheep - The English Government eventually recall Governor George Gawler in 1841 - Governor Gawler is replaced by Captain George Grey.


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