Tasmania 1803 to 1836

1803 - First Settlement in Tasmania was made by Lieutenant Bowen, who conveyed the worst of the New South Wales convicts to the mouth of the Derwent.

1803 - David Collins (formerly Judge-Advocate of NSW), after visiting Port Phillip, also landed convicts on the Derwent. He also founded Hobart Town.

1804 - Colonel Paterson made a convict settlement at Port Dalrymple.

1810 - Governor David Collins dies very suddenly.

1813 - Governor Thomas Davey was very careless but under him the colony prospered and the ports were opened to ordinary ships.

1807 - New Norfolk on the Derwent was founded by the convicts brought from Norfolk Island. Bushrangers in Tasmania were numerous, owing to the frequency of escapes from convict stations.

1817 - Governor Sorrell repressed bushranging. On account of this, and from the visits of whaling vessels, the prosperity of the colony increased.

1824 - Governor Sorrell is replaced by Governor George Authur. Tasmania's Separation from New South Wales was followed, in 1829, by the appointment of a Legislative Council.


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