West Australia 1829 to 1876

1826 King George's Sound - King Geore's Sound was held by a small detachment of soldiers.

Swan River - The Swan River was visited by Vlaming in 1697; by Stirling in 1827 and then colonized in 1829 and 1830.

Land Grants in Western Australia - Land Grants were eagerly sought by purchasers; and given by Government in payment of services. Large useless blocks of land were held by absentees. Much useless property imported for the sake of obtaining grants.

Gloomy Prospects in Western Australia - Mr Thomas Peel brings in £50,000 and 300 workmen to Western Australia. He was obliged to give up his farming operations. The colony damaged by bad reports in England; by emigration to other colonies; by foundation of South Australia.

1849 Introduction of Convicts in Western Australia - Convicts were introduced in 1849 with partial prosperity following.

Evils of Convictism - West Australia branded; receives no free emigrants. Transportaion of convicts ceases in 1868 and the colony retrieves its character.


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