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Our Mission

At, our mission is to provide a comprehensive and engaging platform for those interested in learning about Australia’s rich and diverse history. We are committed to delivering accurate, in-depth, and accessible content that spans a wide range of topics, from the ancient stories of Indigenous peoples to the contemporary issues facing the nation today. Our goal is to foster an appreciation for Australia’s unique heritage and to inspire a lifelong passion for understanding the events and stories that have shaped this remarkable country.

Our Team is brought to you by a dedicated team of historians, educators, and researchers who share a passion for Australia’s captivating history. Our diverse backgrounds and expertise enable us to approach the subject matter from multiple perspectives, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive exploration of the nation’s past.

Our Founder

Our founder, Jane Thompson, is an experienced historian and educator with a deep love for Australian history. After years of teaching and researching, Jane recognized the need for a comprehensive and accessible online resource that could bring Australia’s rich historical narrative to life. This passion led to the creation of, a platform designed to inspire curiosity, promote learning, and foster appreciation for the nation’s unique heritage.

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Our Content

Our content is meticulously researched and crafted by a team of skilled writers and editors, ensuring accuracy, depth, and readability. We strive to cover a diverse range of topics and perspectives, including the history of Indigenous peoples, European colonization, political and social changes, and the development of modern Australian culture.

In addition to our written content, we offer a variety of multimedia resources, such as videos, podcasts, and interactive timelines, to further enhance the learning experience. Our content is continuously updated to reflect new findings and research, ensuring that remains a valuable resource for both casual learners and history enthusiasts alike.

Our Community

We believe that history is best appreciated when shared and discussed with others. That’s why we encourage our visitors to join our vibrant community of history enthusiasts, educators, and researchers. Connect with like-minded individuals through our blog, social media channels, and newsletter, and participate in lively discussions, debates, and events related to Australia’s fascinating history.


At, we are dedicated to providing our visitors with accurate and reliable information on Australia’s history. Our content is thoroughly researched and compiled from a variety of trusted sources, including books, articles, academic journals, and official records. In this section, we have curated a list of valuable resources and sources to help you delve deeper into the fascinating history of Australia.

Our Commitment

At, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality content and resources to enhance your understanding and appreciation of Australia’s unique history. We are committed to continuously improving and expanding our offerings, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us achieve our mission. Together, let’s explore and celebrate the captivating stories and events that have shaped Australia’s past and present. Contact us to share your thoughts, ask questions, or join our community of history enthusiasts. Resources and Sources: Explore the Rich History of Australia Through Trusted Materials

Online Resources

There are numerous online resources that offer valuable information, primary sources, and multimedia materials on Australian history. Some of the most notable include:

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS): The ABS provides a wealth of historical data and statistics on various aspects of Australian life, including population, economy, and social conditions.

National Library of Australia (NLA): The NLA’s digital collections include historical maps, photographs, manuscripts, and newspapers, which offer valuable insights into Australia’s past.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS): AIATSIS is a world-renowned research, collections, and publishing organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Indigenous Australian cultures and histories.

State Library of Victoria (SLV): The SLV’s digital collections offer a wealth of primary sources related to Victoria’s history, including photographs, maps, and manuscripts.

Trove: Trove, managed by the National Library of Australia, is a free online repository of Australian books, images, historic newspapers, and more, offering a wealth of resources for researching Australian history.

Academic Journals

Academic journals provide in-depth analysis and research on specific aspects of Australian history. Here are a few reputable journals to explore:

Australian Historical Studies

Journal of Australian Studies

Aboriginal History Journal

The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

Australian Journal of Politics and History

Official Records and Archives

Official records and archives provide invaluable primary source material for understanding Australia’s history. Some key institutions include:

National Archives of Australia (NAA): The NAA preserves and makes accessible the records of the Australian Government, offering valuable insights into the nation’s political and social history.

Australian War Memorial (AWM): The AWM holds an extensive collection of records, artifacts, and multimedia materials related to Australia’s military history.

State archives and records offices: Each state in Australia has its own archives and records office, which houses valuable historical documents and materials related to state and local history.


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